Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9-15-2014 Return to Portland

After returning the RV to RV's To Go in Wilsonville, we checked into a hotel in Portland for a couple of days to process our 1200 pictures from the trip and start the documentation process.  That night Eric was able to go to our friend Thubten's tech meetup one last time.  Cara wandered downtown and had dinner during that time.  Afterwards we met up for post-meetup networking at the Thirsty Lion.

There were multiple presentations at the tech meetup.

This meetup is always well attended, and Eric really enjoys it.

Cara returned to Red Star Tavern for happy hour dinner and drinks.  Many thanks to Portland's Yelp Community Manager
for throwing a Yelp Elite party here and introducing us to this great place!

The restaurant is really huge.  This view (from the large bar area) doesn't even show two more big rooms of seating.

Cara loves the Grilled Romaine Salad, and the Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Poblano Fondue are to die for!  The "Red
Star" cocktail is also amazing.

This is Ankeny Square on a weeknight.  It looks far different than on the weekends when it is filled with booths for the Saturday Market (okay technically it's the Skidmore Saturday Market on this side of Naito Parkway).

It didn't turn out too well at night, but this is normally the main area for the Portland Saturday Market.  We've always seen it filled with vendors, so we didn't realize before that it is also a fountain!

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