Sunday, September 28, 2014

9-27-2014 Denver, Colorado

Cara's cousin Lindsey lives in Denver, so since we were nearby we stopped by for a night.  Lindsey's mother, Sheryl, was there also, and it was good to spend time with both of them.

We got to Denver and took a bike ride on some of their many biking trails
That night we went out and had some dinner at The Copper Pot.  Lindsey recommended the spot then when I looked they
had a Groupon!  So, (from left) it's Eric, Lindsey, Sheryl, and Cara.

Our lovely dinner at The Copper Pot

The next day we went out for some brunch at Breakfast on Broadway Cafe then we went on another long bike ride.

The bike trail was along a nice river.  Notice the guy on the left fishing?
Then it was time to head off to Kansas City which is 8.5 hours drive.

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