Monday, September 8, 2014

9-8-2014 Coos Bay to Bandon

We got an early start on the day and headed off down the coast.

The Cape Arago Lighthouse is only able to be seen from an overlook....we briefly stopped to see that.

Cape Arago Lightouse

Cape Arago Lightouse
 After that brief stop to see the Cape Arago Lighthouse we headed to Shore Acres State Park

You can see how the whole cliff face is at an angle from being pushed up

These bumps are formed from stuff living on the rocks

This picture shows the uplift along the area

This park was once a winter home for a wealthy person.  They still maintain the lovely garden.

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We had a nice walk in the park

This tennis court would have been right on the ocean.  The shot below is right behind us.

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After our hike, we headed off to see Coquille River Lighthouse

This lighthouse is smaller than the other ones we saw.  You can see the automated replacement lighthouse on the jetty wall to the right of the lighthouse.

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This shot is from the lighthouse looking towards Bandon Oregon

This is the boardwalk in Bandon and notice all of the art on the fence?  It is the year of the horse and all of the kids of all grades painted a picture with a horse in it.  They were going to vote on them the next weekend.

Mark from Rvs To Go recommended going to Face Rock Creamery where they make all of their own cheeses.  We were not disappointed.

Very clean...would have been cool to watch them make cheese!

We decided to go on a long hike on the beach.  It was very windy that day, but it was not uncomfortable.  

Nice view from that house I bet

This is the automated beacon on the end of the Jetty Wall

This is looking back across the river at the Coquille River Lighthouse pictured above

This is looking back across the river at the Coquille River Lighthouse pictured above

Then we made the loop back into Bandon

They had lots of cool carvings and the town was nice to visit
We ended the night with dinner at Foley's Irish Pub which had good Yelp reviews.

Cara got the Potato Skins

Steak Dinner special
We did a lot in one day!

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