Sunday, October 12, 2014

10-11-2014 Pirate Paddle & Party

Our friend Theresa Kulczak, Skipper of Hoosier Canoe Club, puts on a great event that we've gone to many times.  It is the Pirate Paddle on White River.  Everybody dresses up like pirates, talks like pirates, and decorates their boats like pirate ships.  This time we paddled from 116th Street to White River Yacht Club at 75th Street.  Then we ate a buffet dinner and partied like pirates to the tunes of The Sea Dogs.  We got to hang out with river friends we haven't seen in a while, which was wonderful.  A great time was had by all!

Pirates gathering at the put-in at 116th Street

Arrrr matey - ye don't want to cross this pirate!

And ye definitely must steer clear of this one!

Pirates gathering at the put-in, ready to set sail

What's not to like about a pirate event on the water?!

Even the dogs enjoy some good pirate fun

Don't fall in the water - there are sharks in White River today!

Our good friends Phil and Betsy Fox, who we normally only get to paddle with in Michigan
at the Michigan Paddlers Rendezvous

The put-in at 116th Street

Pirates afloat!

Too bad it's not quite in focus - this was one of the best decorated boats!

Cara the Pirate (although she was told she looked more like a hippie pirate - lol)

The leaves were just starting to change colors

Uh oh - they capsized!

Cara paddling with friend, Darlene Patterson, talking the whole time so the trip flew right by!

Hmmm....not quite sure what you call this boat, but it looks like a fun place to party.  (It was just passing by.)

The take-out at White River Yacht Club

Beautiful skies - thankfully we had good weather and no rain for the paddle!

The dance floor on the deck at White River Yacht Club

That's Eric the Pirate sitting down on the left.

The deck is nice and made for a great gathering place.

I think this guy was annoyed because he couldn't quite reach his drink

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