Monday, October 13, 2014

10-12-2014 Biking downtown Indy

We have now figured out the best bike route downtown from the northwest side of Indy (even though it's not what Google maps told us).  It's a pleasant ride, mostly through residential neighborhoods (in Cara's childhood stomping grounds) and on the White River Greenway Trail.  We enjoyed a nice, rain-free day walking around downtown, then we had dinner at Tin Roof before heading home.

The White River Trail by Cold Spring Road and the golf course on the northwest side of Indy

The dam on White River near downtown

There are lots of great views of White River all along the trail

Looking across the river we could see the "Sky Ride" at the Indianapolis Zoo.  We later learned that it had stopped and
trapped a couple of people in the air that night.

The White River Trail near the IUPUI campus.  You can see Lucas Oil Stadium in the distance on the right.

We took a quick break near White River State Park

You can see the walking bridge over White River that leads from White River State Park to the Indianapolis Zoo.

Entering White River State Park

Indiana State House

A little history of the State House

Closeup showing the original plat of Indianapolis from 1821 - very cool!

Another view of the Indiana State House

We happened upon something going on at Monument Circle.  First there was singing and music.  Later someone appeared to
be preaching.

Indianapolis is the first U.S. city to have blue cars (like ZipCars we've seen in other cities, except these were made in France
and go about 150 miles on a single charge).  There are currently charging stations downtown and at the airport, though more
are in the works.

The blueindy cars are there for customers to use as needed, and you pay per use.

A Martin Luther King Jr. memorial on the Cultural Trail downtown

The plaque tells of major events in the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

Tin Roof has a totally different menu than last time we were there.  This is Cara's Taco Salad.

Eric's spicy wings

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