Thursday, October 16, 2014

10-16-2014 Techpoint tech thursday at Angies List

Every city we go to we look at,, and whatever calendars that may be specialized in the city.  For Indy that is and

We go to all of the tech events they have.  That is only about 3 per month in Indianapolis.  One of these is called Tech Thursday and that is held usually on the third Thursday of the month.

This one was pretty fascinating.  Everybody has heard of Angie's list and they employee 2,000 people and are hiring 1,000 more.  They have been a paid reviews company and now they are moving into products.

Robert Wiseman gave the bulk of the presentation and he is the chief financial officer for Angies list. 

Angie's List is now going to offer you the ability to take a picture of what you want to have done and then this will get bid out and people will come and fix it.  They are only 1/4 of the way done on this project, but they want to make home repair to be like buying an airline ticket.

Angie's list is going to be able to infinitely scale transactions by securing computing on demand in the cloud

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