Monday, October 20, 2014

10-17 to 10-19-2014 Hayride to Hell

Every October some friends of ours put on the best Halloween Party ever, called Hayride to Hell.  It's a weekend camping event out in the Brown County countryside (gorgeous!), and it's always a blast.  We went down Friday night and stayed until early evening on Sunday, catching up with all our friends that we haven't seen in months.

Warning: Some pictures of Cara's costume and costume preparations may be offensive.  Cara agrees it looks gross (but the blood is fake and Cara finds it extremely funny).

At night there is a huge bonfire in the center where the smoke is.

Indeed, there are hayrides at Hayride to Hell!

A cute snack perfect for Halloween

The start of our group costume preparations.

Have you guessed what the costume is yet?

Yes, those are what you think, but remember, the blood is fake.

Bitchy, Crampy, Sleepy, Bloody, Clutzy, Bingey, Moody, Bloated - we were "Shark Week"!  (No, it has nothing to do with
the Discovery Channel - just think about it for a minute.)

Friends Susie the Fortune Teller, and Tom (aka John Denver)

Our friend Mark always has a great costume.  This year he appropriately was a shark hunter.

Art the Robot - another friend who always has a great costume

Lady Juliana and Lillian (as the creepy Annabelle doll)

Entries into the Pumpkin Carving Contest

The winner - the "apple" pumpkin!

Princesses Gabrielle and Sophie

Hehehe - one last shark picture

Saturday was rainy during the day, but Sunday turned out GORGEOUS!

Cara went for a walk with several girlfriends down to the lake.

The trees were all turning beautiful colors

The lake is incredible this time of year, and these ladies (Cheryl, Annette, Susie and Erin) only add to the beauty!

Valerie, our friend and hair guru.  (This picture inspired the next one.)

Left to back to front: Cheryl, Susie, Valerie, JoEllen, Annette, and Cara.
(We missed having the rest of the ladies in this picture.)

Cara couldn't help but snap picture after picture on this beautiful walk.

Why couldn't Saturday have been like this?

Our friends are so lucky to have this awesome property in their family!

Panzer watching over his owner's stuff.

One last Gator ride...

Valerie's car battery was dead.  :(   And it took about 30 minutes, a jump box, 3 sets of jumper cables, and 5 guys to get it
going.  (Who would have guessed the jump box didn't have enough power, and 2 sets of jumper cables were bad - one even
started smoking!)

Fun with packing wrap!  (Cole actually volunteered for this.)

The end to another awesome Hayride to Hell - can't wait until next year!

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