Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10-27-2014 PitchFeast at the Speakeasy

Every other month there is a PitchFeast at the Speakeasy co-working facility.  Attendees each pay $5, and that gets you dinner, drinks, and a token to vote.  (Sponsors pay for the food and drink.)  There are generally three people who pitch about their startup business, and after listening to the pitches the attendees vote for the winner by putting their tokens in the appropriate box.  The winner gets all the money collected, which is probably a couple of hundred dollars (because there were about 40 people who attended).

This handout talks about the PitchFeast concept and the three presenters this evening.

Brian Long discussing his startup, Crave.ly.  It is a website and app for restaurants to get their menus online in a nicely
readable (and searchable) way, and have the menu automatically update across the various places it is posted online (i.e.
Crave.ly, Yelp, Google, the restaurant's own website).  They currently have about 170 restaurants on their service.  Cara liked
the idea, but it didn't win.

Will Jones' startup is called Trips 4 Taps.  No, it has nothing to do with beer.  It's a non-profit to help family and friends from
across the country attend the funeral of a fallen soldier.  Trips 4 Taps is in the process of getting their 501(c)(3) status.  This
idea got lots of votes, but didn't win.

Rachel Langford introduced her startup business, the GlamourBuzz Beauty Bus.  It's a mobile salon (for waxing services,
manicures, etc.) that will have weekly stops at various busy places and companies downtown (and eventually college
campuses).  Her idea won!

Here is some more info on GlamourBuzz Beauty Bus.  Rachel plans to have the business up
and running by next Spring.

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