Saturday, December 13, 2014

12-13-2014 A few things we've learned about Belize so far

Geckos are everywhere - inside and out!  Good thing we like them.

Things grow larger in Belize - this is a grasshopper!

Geckos are numerous and resilient - Cara found this little guy (minus his tail) in a crockpot.
She didn't find the tail, but it will grow back.  (He got released outside and scurried away.)

Sand flies are a B#&%*!  Apparently you do become immune to them after about four months.
Great - we should be used to them just in time for us to return home!

Did I already say geckos are numerous?

The party never stops at our friends' "beach bar" - this is but a fraction of their friends hanging out on a Wednesday night.

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