Sunday, December 14, 2014

12-14-2014 Walk on the beach and dinner at Frogs Point

We worked for a couple of hours on Sunday, hung out for a little bit, then decided to take a long walk on the beach.  That night we had dinner at a nice place in town.

This is the beach heading north from where we are staying in Hopkins, Belize.  The tide doesn't have much effect here,
probably because of the proximity to the equator.

Frogs Point in the town of Hopkins is owned by our friends' friends, Peer and Regina (from Germany).

That evening we were treated to live music - old school country western (Johnny Cash, etc.).

Cara tried sorrel wine, which is made from hibiscus flowers, not grapes.  It's different - on the
dry side, and very nice.

Cara's yummy salad

Eric's delicious fish special

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