Saturday, December 27, 2014

12-27-2014 Walked around Hopkins and ate at Thongs

Sabrina's sister and husband got massages by the ocean for a Christmas present.  At about 11:00 we took a tour of town and the Marina and stuff like that.  The marina sits right on the Sittee River just about 1/2 mile before it dumps into the ocean.  They have a beautiful grounds there.

This is called the Curve Bar and it is by the marina on Sittee River. 

These are the ever-present geckos  They like to live indoors too

They have a variety of outdoor areas at the Curve Bar

The view of the Sittee River from the marina and bar

After walking around the marina we toured the back roads and headed into the village of Hopkins. We met Ingrid on the way, and she joined us for lunch and our tour of town.

This is just around the corner from Thongs, and you can see a concrete house under construction.

Cara's Vegetarian Eggplant Parmesan at Thongs Cafe - it's the best she has ever had.

The "Fence of Lost Soles" (flip flops) by the Driftwood bar

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