Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12-30-2014 Errands in Dangriga

The actual trip to/from Dangriga isn't all that long, but it almost always takes most of the day because you need to fit in lots of errands (for yourself and possibly for others), and we are operating on Belize time, so things take longer.

We had a brief downpour in the morning before we left for Dangriga.  Here you can see it rolling in.

Dangriga Stop #1:  The airport to drop off Jack, Sabrina's son.  This is the Tropic Air terminal.

Jack and Sabrina in front of the plane Jack will fly on to Belize City, where he picks up his flight to the U.S.

Almost ready for take-off.  (Eric has a video of the plane taking off, which we will add to this when he uploads it to Youtube.)

ALL the stores in town close down from noon to 1 pm for the workers to have lunch, so we had to kill a little time by walking around before we could complete our other errands.  We watched the pelicans near the bay for a bit, and luckily the open air market was open, so we were able to get some fruits and veggies.

Dangriga Stop #2:  We dropped Sabrina at the Transport Department to get plates for the new vehicle (which they were out of the week before).  Success!

Dangriga Stop #3:  We failed to take pictures, but we had to stop by the Immigration Office to pay our fee ($100 Belize total, which is $50 US) and get our passports stamped so that we could legally stay for another month.  Success!

In Belize they don't recycle bottles - they sterilize and reuse them for beer and soft drinks.
People set out their empty cases, and when the delivery truck comes by they exchange your
cases of empties for fresh cases. Here you can see our cases of empty beer and soft drinks
awaiting the delivery truck.

Dangriga Stop #4:  Grocery store for party food and beer.  We got a phone call letting us know that the beer delivery truck in Hopkins had run out of beer (a nightmare just before New Years Eve), so we ended up getting four cases for our own New Years party and five cases for Chef Rob's restaurant.  We cleaned out that grocery store.  Success!

When we returned from Dangriga we still had more errands to run in Hopkins, and on our drive to the marina for ice we saw
this beautiful classic rain cloud in the distance.  (That rain never hit us.)

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