Sunday, January 11, 2015

1-10-2015 Rainy Saturday Dinner

Not every day is beautiful in Belize.  Today it was really windy and poured most of the day.  The blurry parts you see are
raindrops on the window through which I took this picture.

Mark and Sabrina had errands to run, and Tango doesn't like the rain, so we watched her.  I think she was quite happy inside.

The sun was fighting to come out in the afternoon, but it lost, and we got lots more rain.

We made plans with lots of friends to meet at the Rhum Shack for dinner.

This is the lovely little waiting area at Rhum Shack.

Rhum Shack serves drinks that are both beautiful and delicious.

Cara's Cream of Carrot with Ginger Soup.  (It was okay, but not really carroty or gingery.)

Eric's Prime Rib Eye meal

Cara's Vegetarian Option (again just okay - good red bean salad, bland rice, undercooked veggies).

We had a great time, though - all 14 of us!

It started really pouring and blowing again after we were done eating.  Note the fabric wall blowing out and someone sitting
at their table with an umbrella.

We had to take refuge in the waiting area, where the guys played an intense game of giant Jenga.  Terry is thrilled to have
pulled out another block.  It actually was the final successful play.

Awwwwww, too bad Lea...

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