Thursday, January 15, 2015

1-14-2015 Party for Terry & Trish

This is a closeup of one of the most interesting moths we have ever seen.  We have no idea what kind it is.

After it rained in the morning we caught sight of this beautiful rainbow in the distance.

In the evening we had a party for Terry and Trish before they left town.  Here Trish is sitting down (at the right) talking with
Darla and Karen (Trish's friend who was visiting).

Tina and James behind the bar as usual - they both enjoy playing bartender, and James is a good DJ.

In line for food - nobody ever goes hungry here.

Yuri came alone because Ingrid wasn't feeling well.  We hope you feel better soon, Ingrid!

Guido (from Rome) talking with Mark

Fun music got Simoneta (Guido's wife) out on the dance floor.  Terry (one of the guests of honor) is in the yellow shirt at the right.

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