Sunday, January 18, 2015

1-17-2015 Countryside Exploring & Waterfalls

We found a lovely bamboo-shaded stream.

This gives you a better idea how tall the bamboo is.

A beautiful creek in the jungle.

Our first view of the lower falls - the water is crystal clear.

The middle falls

The (largest) upper waterfall, which has the good swimming hole. The water is cool upon first
getting in, but you quickly get used to it and don't want to get out.

Trish, Sabrina and Cara in the upper waterfall.

Jim in the upper waterfall.

Terry in the upper waterfall.

Terry worked his way into the heart of the waterfall.

Our fun group in front of the upper waterfall (thanks for the pic, Terry).

A very cool rock Cara found at the waterfall (and put back).

Terry took a nice picture of us in front of the middle waterfall.

Cara at the lower falls.

We hiked around and found a spot with incredible views of the countryside.

Eric took a panorama here.

Cara was impressed by the variety and colors of the trees.

These mushrooms looks like golf balls to Cara.  We were told that they're edible, but we're not trying them.

We thought we were stopping for a snack at Mayan King Grill & Beer Garden, but the portions
were huge, so it turned out to be dinner for everyone.

We pretty much took over the nice courtyard by the restaurant.

One of many windows at which you can order your food and drinks.

Located across the courtyard from the restaurant, apparently this is (or used to be?) a bar.

The pretty roadside restaurant seating area.

Cara's giant plate of nachos

Eric's giant chicken burrito

Eric saw where someone had decorated their bicycle by adding small bananas to the tire spokes.

We also stopped briefly to check out a huge banana plantation.

On every tree the bananas are covered by these breathable blue bags that protect them.

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