Sunday, January 4, 2015

1-3-2015 Worked around the house

It's another beautiful day in Belize.

While Cara worked on website updates, Eric helped Mark install some lighting along the side
walkway and on some palm trees by the beach.  Now that the placement is right, the cords
will be buried.

We do break for wildlife sightings.  Can you see the lizard in this photo?

Here you can see it poking its head up to the left of the tree.  This is a "Jesus Christ Lizard" because they run on their hind
legs and can actually run across water.

We also enjoyed watching the pelicans and the terns on the dock.
This Pelican loves to hunt from the dock everyday.  It is drying it's wings right now.
There were 2 small ones that were begging

these are terns

Some neighbors were enjoying the dock

The fruit and veggie guy came by, and for $20 Belize ($10 American) we got all this plus a third onion that Eric was already
chopping up, as well as a bag of peanuts.  They don't use pesticides here in Belize, so everything is organic.

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