Monday, January 5, 2015

1-4-2015 A Sunday in Belize

We worked a little in the morning, then sat on the balcony with Mark and Sabrina enjoying the beautiful day.  Mirko and Annett came by because one of their guest house guests couldn't play DVDs on the blue ray player.  (I know, who really cares about watching movies when you're on vacation in Belize?  But, to each their own, and you have to make the guests happy.)  So, Mirko, Mark and Eric went over to figure things out for the vacationers, Sabrina watched football (go Colts!), and Cara sat outside talking with Annett.

Of course, almost any errand means you will stop for a drink somewhere as well, and the guys stopped at The Curve Bar on
the way back from the guest house.

We sat outside for a long while enjoying good company, good weather, and watching the moon rise.

When Eric went to get something out of the car he found this little guy waiting INSIDE.
Maybe he wanted to save us 15% on our auto insurance.  Or, maybe he's part of the vehicle's anti-theft system.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner at home, thanks to Sabrina.  Salad, garlic bread, pasta, and chicken parmesan.

Then we went got out the binoculars and went back outside to look at the moon and enjoy the evening.  Unfortunately, it never
did clear up enough to see any of the meteor shower later that night.

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