Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1-6-2015 Hopkins Dinner Adventure

The other day Mark and Eric did something to fix the Internet service here - woohoo!  So, the Internet has been rockin' since then, which has made it so much easier to work.  :)

The fruit and veggie guy came by again, so we got some more produce.  Can anyone guess what the two items on the left are?
(Cara likes it but had never before seen it in its raw form.)

After working all day we had plans to go out to dinner with Mark and Sabrina, and Yuri and Ingrid.  We left for dinner around
6:30 pm.  We planned to check out Taco Night at Jaguar Reef, but upon arrival we found they had moved that to Thursday
night.  So, we decided to give another place a try.  

After much debate, we decided on Hopkins Smoky Grill because none of us had been there,
and we heard it had good reviews.

This is their cute, hand-written menu.  Prices are in Belize dollars, so it's half the cost in US dollars.

It's a cute little place with a great location right at the main junction in Hopkins.

We were the first dinner guests, though it filled up later on.

Complimentary chips and salsa (pretty good, really - it had some zing).

Chicken Wings
It was meant to be an appetizer, but it came out with the rest of the meal.  Good thing, apparently - Ingrid ended up eating this
as her dinner because the Jerk Chicken she ordered was too spicy.  Props to the restaurant, though, for offering to make her
another meal at no cost.

Eric's Jerk Conch with Salad and Veggie Rice
Eric also couldn't finish his dish because it was too spicy (though delicious), but he made it in an egg sandwich the next day
and loved it.

Cara's Twice Baked Potato, Salad and Veggie Rice

In the local Belizean restaurants they bring the food out as it is done, so it may be that not everybody is eating at the same time.  That was certainly true this night, and as it turned out, Cara's food didn't arrive until everybody was done eating, the plates had been cleared, and the smokers had already enjoyed their after dinner cigarettes.  We didn't end up leaving the restaurant until about 9:45 pm.  So, it was a long dinner adventure, but everybody agreed that the server and bartender were wonderful, and the food was worth the wait.

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