Friday, January 9, 2015

1-9-2015 More Errands in Dangriga

On our drive from Hopkins to the highway we saw a crocodile in the ditch at the side of the road.  This road is in the process
of being paved, so I guess these crocodiles are just one of the hazards the workers have to worry about in their workplace.

Our first stop in Dangriga was the hardware store.  They are working hard to expand it.

Courts is the place to go for electronics, home appliances, furniture and more.

Eric spied this great sign at a drug store.

This is the outdoor market where you can find fresh produce, clothing (new and used), and more.  It was surprisingly dead
today for a Friday.

Dangriga is "big city" compared to Hopkins.

This is a typical scene in downtown Dangriga.  Notice the small child sitting on the bicycle handlebars at the far left?
Bicycles are a hugely popular form of transportation here, so children learn from a very young age to ride like this.

On this trip to Dangriga we ran into King, the bartender at Chef Rob's Gourmet Cafe.  He got a ride into Dangriga, but it looked like his scheduled ride back to Hopkins was going to fall through.  So, we happily gave him a ride back with us.  This is the second trip that we've given a Hopkins resident a return ride from Dangriga.  That's just the way things go here.

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