Sunday, February 15, 2015

2-14-2015 Valentine's Day Feast at Chef Rob's Gourmet Cafe

Chef Rob's is always an amazing four-course experience, but Valentine's Day was over the top!

Going around the table from left to right it was Mark & Sabrina, her son Nick, Cara & Eric, Bob & Nichole (friends of Mark's
who came to visit).  Lea was late arriving, so he didn't make the picture, and Darla had left that day to visit family in L.A.

Our menu that night - six courses!

They always start you off with complimentary bread and pesto sauce, but tonight it was heart
shaped pretzels and garlic hummus.  (This is in addition to the six courses.)

Chef Rob is always good to Cara and makes her gluten free stuff, so instead of the pretzels she got pesto-marinated cheese
with tomatoes - yum!

Course One: "Home smoked wahoo filet with a passionate vinaigrette"

Cara got eggplant instead of fish

Course Two: "Red beets and ginger tangled in a smooth cappuccino - this soup was absolutely AMAZING!

Course Three: "Beer battered shrimp with kissed by hibiscus-plum sauce"

Cara got veggie skewers over salad instead

Course Four: "Kir Royal" (our palate cleanser)

Course Five: "Marriage of beef tenderloin and lobster served with cognac sauce, mashed sweet potatoes and stir fried

Cara got delicious asparagus with mashed sweet potatoes and stir fried vegetables.

Course Seven: "Basil marinated red fruits with a chocolate covered cake tower and vanilla ice cream"

Cara's and Sabrina's came with more ice cream instead of the cake.

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