Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2-24-2015 Headed to PG

Punta Gorda is known locally as "PG", and it is the southernmost town on the Southern Highway, in the Toledo District of
Belize. Lea's brother Patrick lives there and he kindly invited us to visit and stay at his place, so we took him up on the offer.

This is downtown PG. Right behind the clock tower is a part that houses a playground and the market.
(The clocks in the tower do not work, and the base of the tower is a snack shop.)

We met up with Patrick (on the right, in the white T-shirt) at Bar Olmec and met some of his friends, including Sidney
(pictured here with the yellow bandana).  Patrick's scooter had broken down near here, and Sidney had come with his truck
to help get it to the repair shop.

We settled in at Patrick's place, which was right across the street from the sea.  The large screened-in patio had a good view
and a nice breeze.

This is the sign greeting you as you enter PG.  We walked all around town, but the restaurant we ate at later was right by this.

This goose in somebody's yard kept honking at Eric and following him along the fence line.

Along Front Street near the pier are dozens and dozens of stalls where fishermen sell their fresh catch in the mornings.

The coastline is very rocky - no sandy beaches here.

Looking the other direction at the pier.

We ate dinner at Gomier's Restaurant and Soy Center, which had been recommended to us, and which is rated #1 on
TripAdvisor.  These are veggie fritters, which were good, but could have used a sauce of some sort.

Cara's Okara (Veggie) Burger on homemade rye bread. I was surprised to find ketchup on my burger because it wasn't in the
description, and I normally hate ketchup, but I think they made their own because it was not at all bad.  I later learned that
okara is soy pulp.

Eric's curried snapper dish.

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