Thursday, February 26, 2015

2-25-2015 Exploring PG

We had breakfast (ham and eggs, beans and fry jacks) with Patrick at a little local place called Martina's Kitchen. For three breakfasts and two Cokes it was only about $8 American, and it was good.  We went home and worked some, then headed into town again.

We had lunch at a cute little place called The Snack Shack.  This place is ranked #3 on TripAdvisor.

Choose from unique tortilla flavors, and build your own burrito - very nice!

They looked the same on the outside, but Eric had a yellow ginger/curry tortilla with chicken, grilled veggies and grilled
onions.  Cara thinks she had the same tortilla (even though she ordered the coconut flavor) with grilled veggies, beans and
cheese.  The burritos were very good.  Cara also had a Soursop Slush, which was delightful.

One of the many little grocery stores you find on about every other block.

Late that afternoon we drove to the home of Victor, the Mayan security guard for the houses near our friends' in Hopkins.  He lives about 20 minutes away in a small Mayan village, and we got to meet his whole family.

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