Saturday, February 7, 2015

2-6-2015 Foosball at Windschief

Sabrina's son Nick is visiting for a bit. On Friday nights Windschief Bar is a happening spot in Hopkins, so we headed there and ended up seeing several of our friends.

Nick and Eric played some foosball. Won't say who won, but you can see the score if you're familiar with foosball tables.

Nick also played Pam, who is one of the owners of (and the cook at) Windschief Bar. 

Pam makes the best homemade black bean veggie burgers (with fresh cut fries), so Cara is kind of stuck on getting those.

Eric had Margarita fish with veggie rice and salad.

In the bathroom Cara went to hang up her purse on the holder (a rarity to find here) and found this little guy hanging on.
(Of course, she didn't disturb him - he was too cute.)

More foosball - Mirko and Eric.

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