Sunday, March 1, 2015

2-28-2015 Farewell Dinner & A Concert

Eric had an omelet breakfast at Frog's Point and got some work done in town in the morning.

It was Mike and John's last night in Belize, so we went to dinner at Chef Rob's Gourmet Cafe for dinner.

This was our lovely view at dinner.

Cara and Sabrina got a gluten-free tapenade appetizer.

Fresh bread and garlic hummus

Eric's seafood bisque

Cara's pumpkin soup

Watermelon salad

Cara's risotto and veggie/brie melt (I don't know what you call the dish, really)

Chocolate covered cake tower with ice cream and fresh pineapple topping

The concert was the biggest deal we've seen here in Hopkins.  It was actually a CD release party for a band from Dangriga, so
there were lots of people from that town.  On the beach they had set up a huge circus-style tent and lined the sides with palm
fronds to make walls.

Several bands played that night.

The music didn't even start until about midnight.

The headliner didn't even go on until after 3 am, and the concert ended around 5 am.

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