Monday, April 27, 2015

4-19 to 4-26-2015 A little of this, a little of that

Eric, Mark and Terry went in together to buy this sailboat from Ed.  Eric and Cara went over on a Sunday for a lesson from
Ed on how to set it up.

Attaching the main sheets (the ropes).

We got her all set up, but we didn't take her out sailing until Wednesday, when we got another
lesson from Ed and sailed the boat down to our place.

Tuesday night we went to Driftwood for live music with Tina and James, and a couple visiting from Canada (Ned and
Lauren).  James actually got up there and drummed for a bit.  (He's sitting down in the blue and white striped shirt.)

Thursday we went into Dangriga for errands.  We were ready to leave when we found our battery to be totally dead.  So, we
had to borrow Mark and Sabrina's van.  However, when we were in town the only key broke off in the ignition.  We were able
to turn the key with pliers and start the car, but it meant Eric had to make a trip to Belmopan the next day to get new keys.

On Friday Eric did get new keys (one for each of us), but he also had to replace a tire.

Friday we went to Windschief Bar and Eric got to play more foosball with Trevor, who had won the 2014 foosball tournament.

Another iguana siting on Sunday morning.

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