Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4-27-2015 Dinner at Palmento Grove

Eric and I had made plans to have dinner with James and Tina this Monday night, though we hadn't settled on a restaurant.  I mentioned a couple of places we haven't tried yet, and James and Tina were out and about, so they stopped by the places to see if they would be open. Palmento Grove said they weren't officially open yet, but they would be happy to open up for us.  How cool is that!?

Mark and Sabrina, and two of their friends who are visiting (Dave and Julie) also joined us.  This was a really fun group - we
were all laughing all night long.

Some of us were drinking Mango Daquiris.  We were thrilled to see Eugene, the owner, cut fresh mangoes from the tree to
make our delicious drinks.

Eric's grilled fish (Cobia) with salad, fried plantains, and yampi (a local root vegetable similar to a potato or yam).

Cara's vegetarian plate with vegetable, salad, beans and rice, fried plantains, and yampi.  Everyone agreed that everything
was delicious!  We also received sweet potato pone for dessert (yummy), though we forgot to take a picture of it.

This is actually the same place where we went to the all night concert before Easter.  Eugene put our table upon the stage to
help maximize our breeze and minimize the bugs.  It was a truly lovely dinner experience.  Palmento Grove really treated us
right!  We will definitely be back.
After dinner we went back to Mark and Sabrina's and continued our fun evening. Most of us went to bed at a relatively decent hour, but Mark, Dave and Julie stayed up all night talking, saw the sun rise, then went to bed.

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