Thursday, May 14, 2015

5-13-2015 Soft Opening of Geckos Restaurant

Our friends, James and Tina, finally got to open their restaurant, and we got to go to the soft opening!  Congratulations Tina
and James on the launch of Geckos Restaurant!  

Every week they will have "There's An App For That" Wednesday Happy Hour with a menu featuring various appetizers.

It's a cute little place with a great location, just north of the main junction in Hopkins.

Tina was hard at work being bartender.

We packed the place and had a blast!

Ingrid got the very first food to come out of the kitchen - a Lamb Burger Slider.

Fish Tacos

Lamb Burger Slider

Chicken wings in spicy barbeque sauce

Coconut Rice Gecko Balls with dipping sauce

Veggie Patties with dipping sauce

Tina, our friend, bartender and restaurant manager

James, our friend and main cook

Christina - Cook

Venetia - Server

Lucille - Server

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