Monday, May 18, 2015

5-17-2015 Dinner with friends at Sandy Beach Restaurant

Around noon Eric and I went into town to try our hand at making some Google Streetview photos of Hopkins using his new camera.  We started at the main junction and headed south, trying to stop and take pictures at appropriate intervals.  You can see our end result here.

In the afternoon several of us went for a swim.

The sun and the water felt wonderful!

On our way back from the water Ingrid spied this interesting little (okay, not so little) bug.  None of us had seen one before.

When it turned the other direction the wind caught its wings - very unique.

Kayakers were also enoying the water.

That evening a bunch of us went to Sandy Beach Restaurant for dinner.  It's run by a local women's cooperative. This is at
their entryway - a cool way to reuse glass bottles that cannot be recycled here.

There were about 16 of us for dinner, so we called and warned them first, which worked out nicely.

A view from the restaurant.

Another view from the restaurant.

Christopher always likes playing with Eric, especially when he gets to play on Eric's phone.

Eric's (and everyone else's) meal of stew chicken, rice & beans, salad, pineapple slice, and cake.  Everyone liked the chicken.

Cara got rice & beans, salad, pineapple slice and cake.

It was a lovely evening spent with friends.

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