Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5-18-2015 Julie gets her hair plaited

Julie wanted to get her hair plaited (braided), and Dorla's cousin, Jean, does that, so an appointment
was made.  Julie and Tina made a bet about how long it would take.  Julie thought under 3 hours,
 and Tina said it would be more than that.  They bet a drink vs. a massage.  Jean came over and
started on Julie's hair at about 5 pm.

Dorla stopped by for a bit and Cara got to see her new scooter.

Sabrina is taking care of a dog and bird for some friends, so Eric, Cara and Dorla went with her.

This is Pedro, a Red Lored Parrot (rescued due to an injury).

He really liked Sabrina.

Braiding progress after one hour.  We discussed dinner plans and decided to get food to go from
Geckos Restaurant.

Cara and Eric went to get the food and had drinks while waiting.  This is Cara's "Caribbean
Kiss", one of Geckos signature drinks.  Yes, that is a Hershey's kiss in the bottom of the glass.
(Actually, it is a caramel kiss - even better.)

Hair progress after 3 hours.  (Everyone except Julie and Jean have eaten their food at this point.)

Last braid...

The finished product - after only 4 hours 45 minutes!

Jean and Julie - Jean said she had never braided such long hair before.

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