Sunday, May 3, 2015

5-2-2015 To PG and back

We drove south and picked up two of our friend Victor's girls to help them learn more about working with computers.  We
drove into PG (Punta Gorda) to find a restaurant with WiFi for the session.  We decided on Gomier's a nice place we had
been before and liked.

Eric had curried fish with veggie rice and salad.

Cara had veggie fritters with salad and hummus, plus fresh mixed juices.

There always seems to be a wildlife friend at Gomier's, and this time it was a little blue crab.

After returning home that night we grilled out and made kabobs, plus salad and potatoes. 

David had been hoping to find a scorpion friend for his tattoo, and he actually did!

We also saw moving, glowing lights outside, although the glowing didn't flicker.  Victor said they were lightning bugs
(seasonal, which explains why we never noticed them before), and he caught one for us to get a better look at it.  They're big,
and it's the eyes that glow steadily green!

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