Friday, May 29, 2015

5-28-2015 Placencia Day Trip and Geckos

Mom and I (Cara) decided to go to Placencia for the day. On the peninsula on the way there is a housing edition full of huge,
partially finished homes.  We've been told that many of these homes are sinking in the sand.

The view looking toward town from the Placencia airport

Of course, going to any other town also means running errands you can't do in Hopkins, like mail something at the Post Office.

Any trip to Placencia also includes a stop for gelato at Tuttifrutti.  (So, don't go on Wednesdays because they're closed.)

We poked along and checked out many sights and shops along the Placencia Sidewalk

We stopped for lunch at Tipsy Tuna, a cute place right on the beach.

There are funny signs all over and around the restaurant/bar.

We split veggie nachos, which indeed had all kinds of interesting veggies you don't normally find on nachos, including
cauliflower and cabbage.

Our view at lunch, looking ahead.

Our view at lunch, looking to the right.

On our way back home we stopped to check out Belize Ocean Club, because everyone told us we should.

It is really gorgeous there, and you can go and use the pool and have drinks at the swim-up bar.

Mom in front of a travelers palm tree, so named because they naturally grow with the fan generally pointing north/south,
which is a helpful guide for travelers.

James is the owner of Geckos Restaurant and that is where we ate that night.

Lea and Dorla

Some of our friends joined us for dinner

Lea and Sabrina

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