Wednesday, July 1, 2015

6-30-2015 Quiet dinner at Chef Rob's

We went to dinner with just Mark and Sabrina, and on our walk to Chef Rob's Sabrina noticed
two bright stars near each other and asked if they were planets.  That reminded Eric that tonight
Venus and Jupiter would be at their closest and appear to come together that night. We kept tabs
on it, but it got cloudier and this was the closest we saw them.  According to what Eric read
there is a theory that the Star of Bethlehem was actually this type of event (the "joining" of
Venus and Jupiter).

It was a windy but lovely evening, and the moon was also full.  This photo was taken right from the dinner table.

Gluten-free and regular appetizers

"Shrimp Bisque flavored with aged rum"

"Pumpkin soup with Caribbean spices"
(This is Sabrina's favorite, so she got an extra soup instead of the salad this time.)

"Garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette"

Mark had "Red roasted pork tenderloin in a balsamic coconut sauce

Cara's special vegetarian dish of stuffed eggplant and mashed plantains (we think plantains - they were not potatoes)

Eric had "Local grass fed rib eye steak with rum sauce"

"Sauteed shrimp" (without the garlic cream sauce for Sabrina)

"Classic Rich Chocolate mousse" and delicious, made with the phenomenal local Mayan chocolate.  The hard piece in the center is caramel
sugar, and Cara and Sabrina loved it.  We told Chef Rob and he gave us each a piece to eat on the walk home!  :)

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