Tuesday, July 14, 2015

7-13-2015 Boating with Yuri & Ingrid

Yuri and Ingrid invited several of us to go boating, and that's an offer that is hard to turn down.  So, we went boating on a
Monday, along with friends Sabrina and James.

It was a very calm day, perfect for boating.

Heading down the river to the sea...

Our guide, Martin

Trolling as we head out to sea...

The water colors are ever-changing, and it's all amazing!

Crystal clear waters - you can easily see the coral below.

James fishing

Captain Yuri fishing

Eric fishing

Sabrina fishing

Pooch is a good boy and knows to get out of the way when people are fishing.  Nap time!

All the little "sparkles" in the water are tiny fish. There were large schools of these around the boat.

Near Bread and Butter Cayes we anchored, and most of the men fished while the rest of us swam, snorkeled and floated.

Eric climbed up to the fly bridge and took some photos.

This was the best fishing spot for James.  The day's catch altogether was at least a couple dozen fish.

James cleaned all the fish on the way back.

Ingrid rinsed the fish fillets and collected them to cook for dinner.

Everybody went home quickly to clean up before Ingrid's delicious dinner (fish with lemon caper sauce, potatoes and green
beans).  This was the sunset over the savanna on our return trip to Yuri and Ingrid's.

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