Friday, July 17, 2015

7-17-2015 Cara's recent wildlife sightings

This iguana was found climbing the concrete electrical pole at the end of the driveway.

Who knew iguanas could climb concrete?!

I want to make friends with all the lizards down here, and it seems I am making progress with the Jesus Christ lizards. On
more than one occasion I have been able to throw fruit out for them without scaring them away.  Here is a small one just
before he started eating the dragon fruit I threw out for him.

Can you see the larger Jesus Christ lizard here?  He is approaching the other half of the dragon fruit.

This sizeable toad was just found inside a crate of empty Belikin beer bottles. 

He was let out of the crate, but where he hopped to he appeared to get his arm stuck in the fine fibers of the wood garden bed.

I freed his arm, and he gave a grateful grunt, then hopped twice and stopped to let me take more pictures.

Happy trails Mr. Toad!

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