Thursday, July 23, 2015

7-22-2015 Mega Errand Day

Everything converged, and we ended up having to go to Dangriga (40 minutes north of Hopkins) AND Placencia (1 hour south of Hopkins) for a bunch of errands.  Dangriga errands included getting our monthly passport stamps, mailing stuff at the post office, getting haircuts, going to the auto parts store, and stopping at a grocery store that sometimes has gluten-free items.

After finishing our errands in Dangriga we stopped for lunch at Selena Restaurant for Chinese food.

We each had soup and watermelon juice to stay hydrated on this hot day.

Placencia errands included going to a grocery store that often has gluten-free items, a pharmacy, and two banks.  After that we walked around town and Cara did a little second-hand store shopping.  We also ran into friends and chatted for a while.

Leaving Placencia you see this sign, which makes Cara laugh inside every time.
Merry Isthmus - get it?  (Okay, it might help to know that Placencia, Seine Bight and Maya
 Beach are on a long, skinny peninsula, so on the other side of the road from this picture is more
water - the "lagoon", which is really still sea.)

As we passed through the village of Sittee River we encountered sheep and goats roaming free all around and over the road.

We also enjoyed this view over the wet grass savannah.

We stopped in at the cute and colorful Lucky Lobster for dinner and drinks.

Eric's "Hot Chix" chicken sandwich

Cara's "Schmickle" (grilled cheese with 3 cheeses, pickles and tomato).

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