Monday, July 27, 2015

7-26-2015 Quiet dinner with friends

A few of us went down the road to try dinner at Woven Palm Restaurant (at Belizean Dreams resort).

The grounds there are lush and beautiful.

It looks very much like Hopkins Bay Resort, and we're told it's the same owners, so that makes sense.

We saw one cute, lone pineapple growing near the restaurant.

The restaurant is right by the swimming pool.

We sat the the poolside bar and had drinks while we waited for the restaurant to open.  These Mango Mojitos are delicious!

The view from our table - there is air conditioned indoor seating, but we much prefer eating outdoors.

Eric's beef filet

Sabrina's grilled shrimp skewer

They made a special (and wonderful) sauteed vegetable dish with coconut risotto.

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