Thursday, September 3, 2015

9-2-2015 Antelope Falls with Gabby

Up for a challenge and adventure, Gabby and I (Cara) decided to hike up to the swimming pool at Antelope Falls in nearby
Mayflower Bocawina National Park.  I have done this hike once before, but it is highly worth redoing to introduce it to
somebody new to Belize.  It's a challenging hike, but the viewpoint and the swimming pool at the end are fitting rewards.

Those little bits of green leaves are being carried by leaf cutter ants, ever-present along the trail, and cool to watch.

Gabby starting the hike

Looking up at the tree canopy

Bird of Paradise

And so starts the stairs section of the hike...

Good spot for a short break - you actually get a breeze here.

The view from the bottom of this root ball we have to climb - it's
taller than it looks.  This is in the ropes section of the hike.

The view from the top of the root ball, looking back at Gabby starting the climb.

Gabby in front of the Ceiba tree whose roots we just climbed

We saw loads of lizards along the trail.

The view from the viewpoint

Success - the Antelope Falls Swimming Pool!

The water is crystal clear!

Looking down at the outflow from the swimming pool

Gabby in the swimming pool

The water is cool/cold and refreshing, but Gabby is surprised by all the little fish that eat the dead skin off of you.

Free fish pedicure!

Gabby coming down the root ball

Look!  That big leaf to the left is almost as big as Gabby!

Nuts from the Cohune Palm Tree

Back to the trailhead...

Not sure what this plant is, but it looks like it has loads of tiny little hot peppers.

That night we had dinner and drinks at the Curve Bar at the Sittee River Marina.  The blue
drink is an Electric Lemonade, and the aqua one is a Glowing Lagoon (so named for the nearby
bio-luminescent lagoon).

The Curve Bar makes a nice salad with a good mango vinaigrette.

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