Monday, September 21, 2015

9-21-2015 Power Outage? Let's Go For A Drive!

Today is actually Belize Independence Day - Happy Birthday, Belize!!!  Just 34 years old!  We missed staying up last night for the fireworks they set off at midnight.  Then today was mostly rainy, so not much seemed to be going on.  However, I learned later that there actually was a short parade in the village.  Sorry we missed it.

In the afternoon the power went out, and Eric was napping, but Terry wanted to do something so he said, "Let's go for a drive".
No, why not!?  Our first stop was the former North Beach Bar, which a friend of Terry's owns.

We had visited here several months ago on one of Terry's visits, but the place was in much better condition then.  It appears
there has been another fire, plus some scavenging and pillaging.  I (Cara) did find two old (and wet, dirty, and faded) receipt
books that were from a time Terry spent a lot of time here, so he took those as souvenirs.  He actually did find one of his
receipts in one book.

It had rained hard earlier in the day (I think rainy season has finally started), so there was a lot of standing water everywhere.

This is Weiga, a restaurant with rental cabanas that will be opening soon - it is right next to the old North Beach Bar.

We poked our heads in at Palmento Grove and had a drink, then we stopped in at Windschief Bar to see what was happening.

I joined some friends in playing a new (to me) game called Molkky (the o should have an umlaut over it).

It's a fun, easy-to-learn game, that is perfect for the beach.  There are small wood posts numbered 1 through 12, and you have a
piece of wood that you throw at them.  If you knock over just one post, then you get the number printed on it, but if you knock
over multiple posts then you get the number of posts you knocked over.  You want to get exactly 50 points, and if you go over
then you get set back to 35 points.  Ollie (the bar owner, so he had the home field advantage) won the first two games, but
once he dropped out I actually won the third game.  I'll call it beginners luck.

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