Monday, September 28, 2015

9-27-2015 Christmas Party in September

Our friends, Chef Rob and Corrie, always throw a Christmas Party for friends and workers in September (during low season
when they are closed), and we were thrilled to be invited.  Janet (on the right) arrived just as we did, so Cara and Janet
walked in together.

We got there when the party started in the afternoon.

It didn't take long for the place to start filling up.

It was a family-friendly event, and the children took advantage of the swimming pool.

Photobomb from our friend, Pam

It was a lovely party, and everybody had a great time!  

There was a lot of food, and it was delicious, of course.  Not surprising since one of the hosts is a chef.

Chef Rob telling Cara which items are vegetarian.  :)   Thanks so much Rob and Corrie - you guys rock!
It was an outdoor party and we had a good view of the moon (blood moon, super moon, AND lunar eclipse), so everyone was keeping tabs on it.  We watched the eclipse happen, but failed to get any good pics of it.

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