Wednesday, September 30, 2015

9-29 to 9-30-2015 Kathleen & Ross arrive and settle in

We picked up Kathleen and Ross in Dangriga and returned to Hopkins to let them nap and settle in.  We failed to get photos
of their arrival, and the only thing of note we saw was this bus that had gone off the side of the main road into the village.
We didn't hear anything more about it, but we hope nobody was hurt. 

The next morning Ross and Cara were treated to a sighting of one of the many iguanas that live around us.

In fact, this one came back a little later.

We didn't have anything planned at first so Ross and Kathleen could adjust and settle in.  Ross got a little work done, and
Kathleen went out in the water as soon as she could.

Kathleen often enjoyed floating in the water and laying out on the dock during her visit.

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