Saturday, September 5, 2015

9-4-2015 Gabby's Tour of Hopkins Village

It was a beautiful day so I (Cara) took Gabby on a tour of Hopkins, the village in which we currently live.  This is the
welcome mural (in Garifuna, the language of the local culture) on a wall at the main junction in the village.

Gabby loves tea, so I had to take her to our local place called Herbal Healers Tea Bar, which has a menu of teas and the
various ailments they help.  This place was actually featured in the episode of Booze Traveler (on the Travel Channel) that
was filmed in Belize.

Herbal Healers is a cute little place right behind the school in Hopkins.

Love the vibe here!

It was a hot day so we opted for the two iced teas: Hibiscus, and Lime Leaf & Lemongrass (the latter being the favorite of
both of us).

Of course, we had to have coconut water as well.  How can you resist watching the coconut
being cut from the tree and whacked open with a machete in front of your eyes?  Talk about fresh!

Herbal Healers is right behind the school, so we watched them play at recess, then we heard them reciting lessons.

The owner, Krishna (who was also in that episode of Booze Traveler), took us on a tour of the
property and showed us the various plants that they use.  I should have taken notes - he was
very informative.

A quiet Friday afternoon at Driftwood Beach Bar & Pizza Shack on the north side of the village

Gabby at "the fence of lost soles" at Driftwood Beach Bar & Pizza Shack

Gabby likes photo ops, and Hopkins Bay Resort is a pretty place at the north end of the village, so I took her there.

Gabby does love the hammocks

Dirty Banana drinks at Rhum Shack (at Hopkins Bay Resort)

Gabby got to sit on a swing at the bar there.

Pretty fountain at Belizean Dreams resort

That night we went to Windschief Bar, our favorite Friday night hangout. We played lots of foosball and had a blast!

My friend, Jon, convinced us to try the drink he created here - it's called a White Owl, and it's
really pretty good!  I bet he's the one that called for these fancy drink stirrers as well.

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