Sunday, October 11, 2015

10-11-2015 full day in San Pedro

Ross and Eric got up early to book a snorkeling trip and streetview part of the town before it got really busy.

The virtual reality shots that I took are hard to get on this blog right now, but I am working on it and hope to add some of them here soon.

Ross drove around on the cart picking up hitchhikers and making friends.

The elections are coming up and there was a political rally/party that went on through the night.  In the morning there were still some people drinking beer and finishing off their long night of political support.  In Belize they expect such a mess at a party and then they just clean it all up real fast afterwards.

Next to our hotel we found this nice little breakfast spot by the water

The big puffy things are called fry jacks ....

time lapse of driving the cart around
We rode around in the cart checking out the island and the sights
This is a picture of the grand opening of the slide El Diablo....we thought about riding it, but when we arrived somebody had already gotten hurt.

We headed far south on the island to see what there was and stumbled upon a new development getting built

They opened a nice bar even before the project was done

They had a nice little area near the water
Then we headed out at 2 for some snorkeling...the nice places are close to San Pedro

When you get to the good spots, they have permanent anchors that the boats hook to.  See the little buoy balls?
The boat was pretty big and they served water and fresh fruit for us

Heading in after a good day snorkeling
We had dinner with a couple of friends who were have a condo on the island

Ross and Kathleen after 2 weeks of hard vacationing

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