Friday, October 2, 2015

10-2-2015 Cara's Birthday Trip to Placencia

For some unknown reason Cara awoke at around 4 am (just a little after her birth time of 3:18 am).  She tried to go back to
sleep but then decided to embrace the early rise and go out and watch the sun rise.

It was starting off to be a beautiful day!

You could still see the moon in the sky as well that morning.

We decided to go to Placencia for the day.  So, of course, we had to stop for Che il Mayan Chocolate in Maya Center.

In Placencia we stopped in at The Shak Beach Cafe and got some frozen rum drinks for a walk on the beach.

Cara was super excited to be able to spend her birthday with her sister, Kathleen!

It was a gorgeous, relaxing day and perfect company!

Kathleen, Ross and Eric dipping their feet in the water

End of the beach - time to turn around and head back.

We then enjoyed a nice lunch at The Shak Beach Cafe.

Cara was thrilled to get a Falafel Salad on her birthday (falafel is one of her favorites).

We ended the evening at Windschief Bar, our favorite Friday night place.  Delicious food and drinks...lovely beach location...good we don't see enough...foosball...great times!!!

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