Saturday, October 31, 2015

10-31-2015 Halloween at the Bamboo Bar

Our friends, Mark and Sabrina, held their second annual Halloween bash at their private palapa
bar, which everyone calls the "Bamboo Bar". Lots of friends came, and it was a fabulously
fun party!

People made all kinds of creepy looking foods, like deviled eggs with spiders...

...and meatball eyeballs...

...and chopped hand pasta salad!

Birgit and Mirko were dressed up for another local party where they had showed the
Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Pumpkins don't grow very large in Belize, so we make due with watermelon jack-o-lanterns.

Marilyn and Yoli had two of the spookiest costumes!

Janette was a good Rasta zombie (the theme at another party in town).

Finally, here is a video that our friend Mark made of the party:

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