Friday, November 27, 2015

11-26-2015 Thanksgiving in Belize

We're very thankful for all the new friends we've made here in Belize, and several of them came over for Thanksgiving dinner
(even though they may not celebrate the holiday).  We gathered at the Bamboo Bar while we waited for everyone to arrive.

Of course, Christopher wanted to hang out with Eric as soon as he got here.

They walked out the end of the dock, where Eric captured this awesome series of photos of
Christopher making faces of various emotions...

Christopher's happy face is everyone's favorite.

It rained off and on all afternoon and evening, but that didn't dampen our spirits.

We were surrounded by friends and having a nice time.

Dinner time!

As always, there was tons of good food, though we managed to eat almost all of it.

Yuri made a Thanksgiving toast before dinner.

After dinner we went back out the to bar and enjoyed the moon and music.

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