Monday, November 9, 2015

11-8-2015 Sailing Day

Our friends Bryan and Regina, from Brujula Sailing Trips & Transport, had to transport some
people and construction gear to one of the cayes, so they invited us to go along.  We love going
sailing with them, and it was a Sunday, so we went along for the adventure.

As we were leaving the marina we saw the giant catamaran that is the boat for Glovers Reef.

The whole top of the boat was filled with wood.

The interior of the boat was also filled with construction materials of all kinds.

Approaching our destination - Virginia Caye.

This is one of two cute dogs from a neighboring caye who had swum over to this island.  The dogs are friendly to humans, but,
unfortunately they try to attack the dogs of Willow, the owner of the island.

Inside the main palapa, which is the main hangout for visitors.

The dock leading to the island

Cara loved this decoration at the entrance to the main palapa.

Regina relaxing and enjoying a beer before lunch.

The Brujula docked at Virginia Caye

While we were having lunch the intruder dogs started barking out at the water, and we finally
saw that they were barking at dolphins swimming by.  Then one dog jumped in, the other
followed, and they went off swimming after the dolphins.

Can you see the little black dots in the distance in the water?  The one on the left is a dog, the two in the middle are dolphin
fins, and the one on the right is the other dog.  Somebody told us later that the dogs were friends with the dolphins.  Go figure!

After dropping off the construction materials and workers we just sailed around to see what we saw, and it was a great time!

Bryan caught two beautiful Bonita tuna.
(Lol - bonita means beautiful in Spanish, so their name is certainly fitting.)

Captain Bryan at the helm

Regina also caught a snapper.

On one side of the boat the late day sun was dramatic as we headed back to Hopkins.

Still beautiful blue sky on the other side of the boat.

Headed up the Sittee River to the marina...

Regina looked like a model steering the boat (with her foot) on the river.

That night we headed into town for a free concert at Maude Park (at the bus stop) in Hopkins.  This is something they will be
doing every other Sunday evening, which is awesome!  Tons of people were there - locals, expats and tourists alike!

We ran into tons of friends, including Shelly and Jon.

Eric always has fun playing with friends' sons, Christopher and Amon (who recently lost his front teeth, so he looks a little
like a vampire here).

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