Saturday, December 12, 2015

12-11 to 12-12-2015 Eric and Terry's "Three Hour Tour"

Friday was a good day for sailing, so Eric and Terry decided to go out on the catamaran after lunch.

Terry is part owner of the boat, so he loves to take it out when he's here.

When they shoved off the weather was beautiful.

The started off heading south.

Then they tacked and headed north toward Hopkins Village.

Passing our dock on the way to Hopkins...

Eric and Terry's view as they passed our dock.

It was a windy day, and they enjoyed pushing the limits of the boat.

At some point Eric and Terry decided to stop for a drink at Windschief Bar (on the beach), and when a storm came in that's
where they got "stranded".  By the time the storm passed it was too dark for them to sail home.

Cara had gone out to the dock to look for the guys at one point, and she thought she saw them beached somewhere (she
assumed at a bar), so she wasn't too worried when she looked out the window later and saw the storm.

Indeed, Cara got a call from Eric asking her to pick them up at Windschief Bar.  They would
have to leave the boat for the night at the bar and sail home the next day.

Saturday morning (okay, afternoon by the time everyone got going) Cara drove Eric and Terry
back to Windschief and helped them set up the boat.

Ready to go!

As Eric and Terry headed out we saw our friend's sailboat in the distance.  He was sailing people up to another bar for a
pirate-theme party.

Cara ran errands (and ran into/hung out with friends) while the guys sailed, and she got back just
in time to document their arrival. 

That evening we (and several other friends) went over to Ingrid and Yuri's boat for a home-cooked meal from Ingrid.

As always, dinner was delicious.  The company was excellent, and the bugs were not biting, so it was a great evening.

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