Saturday, December 26, 2015

12-24 to 12-26-2015 Christmas with family in Hopkins

It was unusually windy and wavy on Christmas Eve, but the kids still had a great time playing in the water at Jungle Jeanie's.

There were kayaks, boogie boards, surfboards and more for guests to enjoy, and the kids took full advantage.

We didn't get a photo of the whole family, but we all enjoyed a nice meal at the Curve Bar at the Sittee River Marina.

Christmas morning we first gathered at Jungle Jeanie's.

We played games and had breakfast.

We hung out at the beach.

Then we gathered at Mark and Sabrina's and took family photos with the Santa hats Eric's mother had brought.

The women in the family - we couldn't get the guys together to get a picture of them.



Dorla and her family

Victoriano and some of his family

Birgit, Sabrina, Janet and Cara

Sabrina and her family (Jack, Nick and Mark)

Ingrid and Yuri

Tina and James


There was plenty of food, as usual.

A sweet "stray" dog came up and didn't offer to leave.  Sabrina's sons took care of her until the owner retrieved her.

We had fun hanging out at the "Bamboo Bar".

We enjoyed the light of the full moon over the water.

Later that night Victor brought over a big male iguana he had snuck up
on while it was sleeping.

Of course, Eric's brother Greg wanted a picture with it.

The iguana was fairly calm until being handed back to Victor, then it
started thrashing about.  Victor tried to put it in a tree, but it jumped
down and raced right at everyone standing at the bar.  People parted
like the Red Sea, and the iguana raced through the crowd and took refuge
under some pool floats.  We left him alone and he was gone by morning.

The day after Christmas we all had a nice breakfast together at Thongs Cafe.

Then Eric took most of his family to the airport to return home.

We all had a great time!  Hopefully that helped them through their flight troubles (again) once they got back to the States.

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