Monday, December 28, 2015

12-26 to 12-28-2015 Fun with Dan and Steph

Eric's brother, Dan, and his wife, Stephanie were able to stay another day and a half, so the first night we went on the evening
dinner cruise offered by Jungle Jeanie.

We had to wait a little while for some other guests to arrive.

It was a relaxing ride, and the trip included all the rum punch we could drink.

Stephen (Steven?) captained the boat that night.

We didn't see any crocodiles, but we enjoyed the moonlight over the water.

Stephen and Kevin were very nice and took good care of us all on the trip.

The next day we headed into town to do a beachside "walkabout" (a.k.a. bar crawl) through Hopkins.  We had vehicles
stationed at either end of our intended walkabout route.

We started at the north end of town at Hopkins Bay Resort, then walked south along the beach.

Steph and Dan are awesome, and we love hanging out with them.

We stopped in at Driftwood Beach Bar & Pizza Shack, a place we really like.

Then we continued our journey.

We stopped briefly to visit with our friends, Suzie and Dexter, and we enjoyed the view from their deck.

One of the interesting sights on the beach.

We stopped at Swinging Armadillos, which is the only place allowed that is built over the water.

We had drinks and appetizers.

We enjoyed the sea breeze and the views of the beach and frigate birds.

Dexter joined us as we continued on our walkabout.

Along the way Dexter cracked open a young coconut for us to drink the yummy coconut water.

Suzie met up with us at Luba Laruga, where we had more drinks and appetizers.

We ended the night with dinner and more drinks at Ella's Cool Spot in the village.  We met up with several more friends
there, including Mark and Nick (photobombing at the right side of this picture).

The next day we saw Dan and Steph off at the airport.  Until next time!

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