Wednesday, January 6, 2016

1-6-2016 Billy Barquedier Waterfall

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning Dr. Yves (the local chiropractor) leads Bikram yoga at Jungle Jeanie's.
 Cara's friend, Siobhan, talked her into finally trying it this Wednesday morning.  The setting was beautiful, and the Bikram
yoga was excruciating and rewarding.  Cara will do it again, but she needed time to recover.

After yoga we fixed lunch then headed out with Siobhan and other visiting friends, Terry and Trish, to check out the waterfall
at Billy Barquedier National Park. 

Preparing for the hike...

It looks like there are other places to explore here, but we will leave that to another day.

The trailhead is right off the Hummingbird Highway, so it's easy to find.

There was actually a composting toilet on the trail, which was unexpected.

Cara had never heard of "yemery" so she googled it, and it's a type of tree.

The trail was actually very nicely marked and well maintained, and it was only about a 15
minute walk to get to the waterfall.

Creek crossing

Then you walk up the creek to the waterfall.

Terry and Trish

Nope, this isn't the waterfall yet...

Almost there...

Woohoo - waterfall and swimming pool!

Siobhan was the first one in and the last one out.

The water is chilly, so it's best to just get all the way in like Trish here, instead of trying to work your way in like Terry.

Trish, Cara and Siobhan were the only ones to brave the cold, though it truly feels wonderful once you get all the way in.
Anyway, the women had fun practicing synchronized swimming and generally messing around.

Ahhhh, farewell Billy Barquedier Waterfall - until next time!

A fantastic time was had by all, and we took our time making it home, stopping at several
places for drinks along the way.

Terry drove, and his car has a sunroof, which was open.  Cara was enamored with the clouds on the drive home, so she couldn't
help but snap some pics.

In sum, our first Waterfall Wednesday was a great success, and we will have to do more of these trips!

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